Waste Anesthetic Gases in the PACU
Help decrease clinician exposure
to Waste Anesthetic Gas

If you are a health care professional caring for patients in recovery
rooms or post-anesthesia care units (PACUs), what you don't know
about anesthetic gases could impact your health. Anyone in close
proximity to a post-op patient's breathing zone is at risk for inhaling
the Waste Anesthetic Gases (WAG) that the patient exhales.

Learn the Facts

Knowledge is power. Many PACU and recovery room nurses are likely unaware that prolonged inhalation of these gases could potentially increase their risk for health complications and may even affect their cognitive functions. Find out what the government and medical organizations have to say about WAG exposure and the associated risks. Also, research the studies related to the issue. Even though multiple organizations have studied the issue and made recommendations, the technology used to monitor compliance is often not sufficient. Thus, nurses may not have received the level of attention and protection that they deserve.